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Get your ICO with a professionally-written whitepaper. I provide a full service, from discussing your goals, creating the outline, and writing the contents of the white paper. Rush service is 10 days.

High Quality Service

I provide a high-end service, as a professional tech and marketing writer for more than 25 years. If you are looking for a low cost service or someone to correct your English on an existing whitepaper, you are in the wrong place. Expect to get a superb quality white paper and to pay market prices for a professional US-based writer.
An excellent white paper is the foundation of your initial coin or initial token offering. When you’re creating an ICO or token offering whitepaper, you need a writer who is not only experienced in writing, but who also understands the underlying distributed ledger technology, as well as the background of your proprietary development and the business model behind the coin issue. You don’t want to have to start with explaining the difference between coins and tokens, much less what the blockchain is in the first place.

Working with a professional saves you time and frustration. We not only help you write the whitepaper, but we are business analysts who provide feedback on your business model, go-to-market strategy and tokenomics. We won’t create the business for you, but we will help you be prepared for any questions investors may ask.

When you work with us on your whitepaper, this is what you’ll get:

  • Initial consultation where we find out whether we are right for one another, followed by a professional quote so you know exactly what you’ll get and what the timeline is.
  • The industry-standard ICO whitepaper writing company, with experience writing dozens of whitepapers to date.
  • Business analysis covering all the questions investors will ask you. Our writers are business people who have seen dozens, if not hundreds, of business plans, and we provide critical input and review of all aspects of your plan.
  • Timely delivery of outline, drafts, and final content.
  • A lead writer with at least a decade of experience in technology, business, startups, finance and business. Take a look at our team below to get an idea of who you’ll be working with.
  • Access to both the writer and the company CEO by email or voice throughout the project.
  • Professional copy editing.
  • Quality assurance by CEO Grace Rachmany, a professional technical marketing writer and editor with more than 30 years of professional writing experience, 25 years in high-tech, education in mathematics, business, and finance.
  • Fast turnaround. Standard delivery: 30 days for up to 3 rounds of edits. Speedy delivery can be as fast as 10 days, depending on availability and your ability to read and provide feedback as fast as we can write.
  • Payment in dollars, euros, Bitcoin or Ether.

If you’re tired of working with tech writers who don’t understand tech, finance writers who don’t understand finance, or outsourced people who require tremendous management overhead, it’s time to hire a real pro.


ICO whitepaper writing is new, but everyone on our team has business plan writing as a basis of our experience, and we are creating the industry standard. We now have experience in creating dozens of whitepapers, and we work together to adhere to standards that elevate the industry as a whole.

We're overqualified

Yes, we’re incredibly overqualified, but we love the flexibility. We are all working on our own ventures or travelling around the world. Writing for you is a great way to make a living, enjoy our families, stay current with technology and new ideas, and work with super smart people like you.

No Fiverr, No Cry

If you are looking for an inexpensive writer, go to Fiverr or Upwork. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find someone cheap who is also great, or maybe you don’t mind having to explain concepts over and over again, or having to correct their mistakes. If you want high caliber, you’ll pay a fair (not outrageous, but fair) price.


We’ve written content for everything from voice compression algorithms through packet protocols, from medical devices through consumer apps and security software. We translate engineese into human English. Whether you know how to articulate your ideas well or not, we will get them and put them into a format anyone can understand. That’s what we do.
Who are we?
Grace (Rebecca) Rachmany

Grace (Rebecca) Rachmany

Serial entrepreneur, startup mentor, content writer extraordinaire, and digital nomad. Grace has written over 100,000 pages of content for technology companies, including technical manuals, business plans, white papers, thought leadership papers, published books, ebooks, websites, RFPs, pubic offering documents, blogs, competitive analyses, brochures, and articles for publication. You name it, she can write it. She has founded a number of successful companies, as well as less successful ones, and mentored hundreds of startups. Her current venture is a distributed platform for governance, and her day job is serving you.
Thomas Melchior

Thomas Melchior

Thomas has worked in emerging markets and technologies all over Asia and Europe – in the telecom and IT industries. He has worked in senior finance and operational roles in divisions of multinational companies as well as in start-ups and venture capital environments. He is an expert at building the ‘big picture’ – from the strategy as well as the Business Plans themselves. He is vastly experienced in operational planning and execution in dynamic market situations. Thomas holds an MBA in Finance, Marketing and Entrepreneurship from the University of Rochester, USA.
David Egyes

David Egyes

Dave comes with 25 years of experience writing about business, markets, and technology for companies ranging in size from global conglomerates to recently launched startups. He enjoys providing the communicative link between people, ideas, and technology. An accomplished thought partner, Dave places focused listening at the center of communication. He’s been involved extensively in implementing financial processes and compliance programs at the corporate and departmental level. A Knowledge Sharing enthusiast and practitioner, Dave likes simplifying business and technical processes by taking in the big picture, drilling down into the small details, and putting it all back together in ways that empower readers and end-users, make teams smarter, and help people do their jobs better.
Prakash Pandley

Prakash Pandley

Prakash is a blockchain enthusiast and has been working in the crypto industry for the past couple of years. His expertise involves creating thorough whitepapers for ICO projects and helping companies devise a meticulous marketing strategy. He has been an advisor for multiple technology startups in the crypto space and is actively looking for his next learning experience. His technical background, experience in business operations, and understanding of the crypto space allow him to write a whitepaper that resonates with investors and users alike.
Vladimir Shamanov

Vladimir Shamanov

Vladimir Shamanov is an experienced communications professional, who has been following blockchain and cryptocurrencies since 2013. He has over 6 years of experience at London’s leading PR agencies, where he created strategies and content for banks, fintech companies, and investment funds. He has also advised clients from a wide range of industries, including infrastructure, transport, sports, and art. Vladimir is a graduate of the London School of Economics.
Peter Buonaiuto

Peter Buonaiuto

Beginning his telecommunications career at the start of the frenetic post-divestiture era, Peter has always worked for entrepreneurial organizations.  A serial entrepreneur in his own right, he has been a co-founder for 6 ventures. Two of those ventures, Send2Fax and ConQuest Communications, were acquired by publicly traded companies. As an angel investor, Peter has invested in over a dozen startups. With experience as both an investor and entrepreneur, Peter’s experience on both sides of the table provides him the first-hand knowledge of what it takes to build a business model and a compelling well-researched business plan or white paper that leads to funding.
Sabina Gaspirc

Sabina Gaspirc

Sabina is the engine that drives all the project management behind the company. Her ability to coordinate our global team is the source of the company’s ability to handle companies worldwide with charm and efficienciy. Sabina manages the company’s invoicing, all project management and coordination, and the graphic artists who provide service to our clients. Sabina holds a degree in theology from the University of Ljubljana.




Grace did an amazing job for us, she was one of our early great finds in the ICO journey – and not only did she and her team write great stuff with us and for us in a style we really bought into – she also introduced some cool people who have gone on to be key advisors – so I have no hesitation in recommending her and if anyone wants to seek more positive detail get in touch – she is a great addition to anyone thinking about ICOing wherever and whenever.
Keith Bradley


Rebecca and her team provided us with excellent service! We were struggling with a complex topic and whitepaper we had previously written that was hard to communicate to the general public. Rebecca and her team were able to dissect a very complicated topic and whitepaper and help us re-write it from start to finish so that we communicate it more effectively.

Rebecca is very honest when it comes to constructive criticism and providing feedback which makes the process that much more efficient, deep and meaningful. She will do everything in her power to make sure that your whitepaper is at the place that you want it to be and will go above and beyond her own duties to help you get there. Thank you Rebecca! We really appreciate your services.

Neslihan Feradov

Director of Strategic Parthership & Marketing, Veridium Labs

I worked with Grace on an extended technical project for P5Y and was witness to the content she built and published for the organization. From design to implementation, it was a pleasure to work with her every step of the way. She is very organized and project-oriented.
Ken Lamant

Founder, Broken Gekko Websites

Grace is an effective communicator and a very hard worker. She invests a great deal of time to learn the subject she’s writing or talking about, asks smart questions, and isn’t afraid to ask for help from others if she’s out of her depth. On top of that, she’s great fun to work with, bringing creativity and excitement to what might otherwise be mundane or boring tasks.
Reuven Lerner

Teacher and Founder, Perl, Python

Grace rapidly learned our technology and turned out high-quality materials in a very short time frame. We were impressed by how quickly she understood our solution, which is fairly complex, as well as our market positioning and main messaging. Easy and pleasant to work with, highly professional.
Alexander Nykin

VP Sales, Variou

Working with Grace was a breakthrough for our team. She helped us define the messaging and key value proposition of Roojoom when we were only starting out. Our product is very complicated to explain as it serves many different functions to many different audiences, yet Grace was able to capture the main value of our platform in one sentence, making our lives so much easier when building our pitch and marketing materials.

Yael Kochman

CMO, Roojoom

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