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Unsolicited opinion: Product-Market Fit

In last week's post, I talked about Product-Market fit as the most important part of an ICO whitepaper. I'd like to follow up with examples of upcoming ICOs to give you insight on your own ICO, and how you can become epic. Note that I will never comment on my clients'...

The most important part of an ICO whitepaper

At this week's World Blockchain Forum in London I was frequently asked "What's the most important part of an ICO whitepaper?" At first I had to think, because I realized that what my brain immediately thought about was what's important to purchasers of your token. But...

When is a Whitepaper not a Whitepaper?

Throughout my writing career, the terminology "whitepaper" has been distorted time and again, but the ICO market has dealt the final blow. What is a whitepaper anyway? Over my years in technology, formally a whitepaper is a technology positioning paper. Often,...

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