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Extra quality control for ICO whitepaper writing

March 4, 2018

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We’ve been going through tremendous change at, and we wanted to let you know about the improvements we’ve recently implemented in order to serve you better and provide better ICO whitepapers and ICO whitepaper writing quality to you.

First of all, our staff has grown from “just me” in September 2017 to a staff of 8 writers plus myself, as well as a team coordinator and a virtual assistant. To be honest, we are all virtual. The team is located in the US, UK, Switzerland, Slovenia, Russia, Israel and India. And then there’s me. Where I’m located changes every few weeks. BTW, the reason not all of the whitepaper writers are listed on the site is that some of us have other ventures on the side, or they are too new for us to list.

In any case, due to the tremendous volume and the rate at which we are growing, we decided to implement a buddy system for editing one another’s whitepaper. What this means for you as a client is that you will get:

  • A fantastic whitepaper writer with relevant experience in business, technology or the closest we can get for your ICO.
  • Another fantastic whitepaper writer with a new perspective editing this paper. What’s great about this is that the editor has no idea what they are going to get. In other words, they review your whitepaper from the perspective of your typical reader who has never heard of you before.
  • Myself (Rebecca Rachmany) giving feedback on business logic, flow, and accurate messaging. I’m still involved in critical client meetings, so I make sure that the whitepaper reflects the messaging you gave to the writer, and I provide the critical eye you expect of me if you’ve read any of my blog posts.

After just a week, we’ve seen this double QA process for ICO whitepaper writing has been fantastic for all of us. First of all, it lets the writers get to know one another outside of our fortnightly team meetings. Secondly, the richness of our experience is improving the quality of the questions we can ask clients and the quality of the end product. For example, this week, one of our writers was able to point out flaws in the business model for one of the whitepapers, because he had lived for 6 years in India, and he had seen several similar businesses fail in the market. Who knew? In any case, we are pleased to announce this added value to you, as a client of

Are you wondering what we talk about in our team meetings? Each meeting we focus on a different section of the whitepapers and compare different formats and standards. Last week we discussed formats for competitive analysis. Next week, we’ll be talking about token economics. In upcoming blog posts, I’ll be sharing some of our takeaways for best practices in writing ICO whitepapers, so whether you work with us or not, you’ll be able to elevate the level of your own ICO whitepapers.